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 From Raylazor 1 of 3  1 minute ago.  
They Changed It, Now It Sucks.

Let me preface this by saying I'm fairly young, and that Mardek 1 is the most memorable game of my PC gaming childhood. I wasn't able to purchase many games when as I was a kid, so finding about flash games, and then discovering how fleshed out and wellmade Mardek 1 was mde me play it repeatedly for countless hours. When Mardek 2 was released, I dropped my GameCube controller immediately and I was glued to the computer for a solid two weeks playing through Mardek. (Mardek was my second RPG, first being Paper Mario: TTYD, so I wasn't very good with understanding how traditional RPGs worked.

So it's clearly obvious that I'm against a remake of Mardek. But I know it's going to happen anyways, so I'd like to request you keep the original Mardek 1-3 and re-label them as Classic Mardek, or something.

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