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 From Raylazor 2 of 3  1 minute ago.  
I always saw the original Mardek as somewhat of an interactive storybook about Mardek growing up. Every chapter he was exposed to something different that I would make him ever so jaded. Chapter 1 exposed Mardek to the realization of how dangerous and scary the 'real world' was and what the duo would be getting into in order to achieve their dreams of becoming someone like Social Fox. Chapter 2 exposing them to real elements. How jading killing could be, how easily a family could be destroyed (Emela's) because of the dangers in the world, how two people on the 'same' side could still be so against each other (Mardek v. Verhrn), and how easily someone like Moric could commit unhuman crimes- reviving the dead in order to harass townsfolk. These scenarios could be considered generic, but what made this special was seeing how different the characters we played as became. Even in Chapter 3, Mardek shown grieving over Deugan. (I honestly haven't touched Chapter 3 yet. I expected the story to progress with everyone changing their own beliefs and morals because of what they encountered. Mardek questions if he really does want to become Social Fox. Perhaps Emela gives up magic and turns to isolation in fear of killing another human being. Sharla questioning her 'career' path because of the danger of losing Donovan or herself. (I heard that Deugan is alive, so perhaps that he would question revealing his survival to Mardek or not in fear that it will destroy the determination his death may have given.
All with the story ending with everyone putting aside their differences to defeat some sort of final evil, dying in the progress and having the story 'loop' back to the intro scene of Chapter 1: some kids playing in the woods and dreaming of becoming the heroes they admired.

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