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 Posted by Raylazor 3 of 3  1 minute ago.  
Secretly I was hoping that once all the chapters were completed, a final version with the single game combining all the chapters would be made and released as a premium game on a distribution platform like STEAM.

The new Mardek feels fundamentally both visually and mechanically different from the original Mardek games. The characters look cartoony and extremely stylized to take seriously, and I feel the new usage of emotions and spiritual enlightment as skills could undermine the original goal of the game. As you suggested, the game doesn't look dark and gritty. And I feel that is what made the original Mardek games, Mardek games. (Being something that pays homage to original RPGs while breaking the emotions and beliefs of those 'generic' heroes through dialogue and watching them change as they are exposed to different elements.

The new Mardek game is still a great idea, however. I just feel that it shouldn't be branded as a Mardek game, and I'd be much more willing to see the original Mardek series simply be abandoned at Chapter 3 than undergo a huge change that destroyed what made me think about the characters I played as. But even so, the Mardek storyline is woven into this new game, so the only thing I'd like is to have the classics still available. I'd like to play them again when I have time and show them to my friends as one of the flash games that I believe to have pioneered flash gaming.

Best of luck with the new reboot of Mardek.

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