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 Posted by Go # Yourself Lonewolf!  1 minute ago.  
This new mardek is nothing more than trash.I look to the new characters and the only one thing I can see in their faces is "please let me die",oh yes, and the battle system, I think you're a retard... "battling with sentients" ridiculous. "Oh Sir Annihilator Do You Wanna a Kiss?" One curious thing, in the old,mardek, most of the thing were pixels but ectremally good, now your artwork dont look nothing more than simple games artwork, We loved the pixel art, because you were good on it,you makes pixels look incredible, now your artwork style I can see on many games. You're an retard thinking that this reboot will be good,well Im not shure If I can say that this is game.One more thing, thanks for ruining my childhood with this, I always imagined new chapters of mardek, belive you or not, I already dream about new chapters.

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