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 Posted by CzechBoy  1 minute ago.  
I don't want to be as rude and/or raw as many other comments out there because i'll never do even 1/100th of the work you put into this series, but :

- Even if the combat is about love 'n stuff, they're just other word for elements right? Will there still be strenghts/weaknesses for each of them? Potayto, Potato, don't care as long as the good mechanics are there.

- The "animated" characters just look horrible, there's no way around that, you might have your own goals & reasons for doing so but you need to be aware that you do something well (old Mardek art) and that learning smth new will be slow and painful

- And about Mardek having a new skin colour and looking like he's on extasy, that's just wrong, just make a new character, that's not Mardek

Also while i will definitely give this a shot, please keep the "old" Mardek games available somewhere.

Thanks and best of luck.

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