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 Posted by Axer in reply to CzechBoy  1 minute ago.  
Ditto to what czechboy posted.

While I think a non-violent combat system can work (The recently released Renowned Explorers: International Society proves that)..

It's a massively different style.. To the point it doesn't even feel like the same genre.

Due to that I don't feel that style of game works as a sequel to what are awesome, violent, classic turn based rpgs.

Give it a different name, name the characters differently, but maybe set it in the same universe and i think people will be a lot more receptive to it.

Releasing it as a sequel to me would feel like if SQEX released FFXV as a pure simulation driving game.. I mean yea the spin off final fantasies that aren't rpgs at all are sometimes fun, but for a main line sequel to be a totally different genre would really upset a lot of fans.

Anyways thanks for the first 3. Eagerly awaiting mardek 4, just hope it won't be this game. Waited 5 years, can wait another 5 for you to make it :

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