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 Posted by Raylazor 3 of 3  May 25, 2015 at 8:46 pmFrom 198.48.150.x  Report Abuse 
Secretly I was hoping that once all the chapters were completed, a final version with the single game combining all the chapters would be made and released as a premium game on a distribution platform like STEAM.

The new Mardek feels fundamentally both visually and mechanically different from the original Mardek games. The characters look cartoony and extremely stylized to take seriously, and I feel the new usage of emotions and spiritual enlightment as skills could undermine the original goal of the game. As you suggested, the game doesn't look dark and gritty. And I feel that is what made the original Mardek games, Mardek games. (Being something that pays homage to original RPGs while breaking the emotions and beliefs of those 'generic' heroes through dialogue and watching them change as they are exposed to different elements.

The new Mardek game is still a great idea, however. I just feel that it shouldn't be branded as a Mardek game, and I'd be much more willing to see the original Mardek series simply be abandoned at Chapter 3 than undergo a huge change that destroyed what made me think about the characters I played as. But even so, the Mardek storyline is woven into this new game, so the only thing I'd like is to have the classics still available. I'd like to play them again when I have time and show them to my friends as one of the flash games that I believe to have pioneered flash gaming.

Best of luck with the new reboot of Mardek.
 Posted by Raylazor 2 of 3  May 25, 2015 at 8:45 pmFrom 198.48.150.x  Report Abuse 
I always saw the original Mardek as somewhat of an interactive storybook about Mardek growing up. Every chapter he was exposed to something different that I would make him ever so jaded. Chapter 1 exposed Mardek to the realization of how dangerous and scary the 'real world' was and what the duo would be getting into in order to achieve their dreams of becoming someone like Social Fox. Chapter 2 exposing them to real elements. How jading killing could be, how easily a family could be destroyed (Emela's) because of the dangers in the world, how two people on the 'same' side could still be so against each other (Mardek v. Verhrn), and how easily someone like Moric could commit unhuman crimes- reviving the dead in order to harass townsfolk. These scenarios could be considered generic, but what made this special was seeing how different the characters we played as became. Even in Chapter 3, Mardek shown grieving over Deugan. (I honestly haven't touched Chapter 3 yet. I expected the story to progress with everyone changing their own beliefs and morals because of what they encountered. Mardek questions if he really does want to become Social Fox. Perhaps Emela gives up magic and turns to isolation in fear of killing another human being. Sharla questioning her 'career' path because of the danger of losing Donovan or herself. (I heard that Deugan is alive, so perhaps that he would question revealing his survival to Mardek or not in fear that it will destroy the determination his death may have given.
All with the story ending with everyone putting aside their differences to defeat some sort of final evil, dying in the progress and having the story 'loop' back to the intro scene of Chapter 1: some kids playing in the woods and dreaming of becoming the heroes they admired.
 Posted by Raylazor 1 of 3  May 25, 2015 at 8:44 pmFrom 198.48.150.x  Report Abuse 
They Changed It, Now It Sucks.

Let me preface this by saying I'm fairly young, and that Mardek 1 is the most memorable game of my PC gaming childhood. I wasn't able to purchase many games when as I was a kid, so finding about flash games, and then discovering how fleshed out and wellmade Mardek 1 was mde me play it repeatedly for countless hours. When Mardek 2 was released, I dropped my GameCube controller immediately and I was glued to the computer for a solid two weeks playing through Mardek. (Mardek was my second RPG, first being Paper Mario: TTYD, so I wasn't very good with understanding how traditional RPGs worked.

So it's clearly obvious that I'm against a remake of Mardek. But I know it's going to happen anyways, so I'd like to request you keep the original Mardek 1-3 and re-label them as Classic Mardek, or something.
 Posted by nate  May 24, 2015 at 11:38 pmFrom 24.180.70.x  Report Abuse 
im not mad but im dissapointed you originally promised you woldnt throw out the story this isnt the same game anymore the game sounds somewhat interesting but it shouldnt be a mardek game please reconsider
 Posted by Nathan  April 10, 2015 at 7:28 pmFrom 129.101.216.x  Report Abuse 
I certainly would have preferred a continuation of Mardek Chapter 3, but all in all I just want more of anything from you, Pseudolonewolf. I'm a bit concered with the talk of you being embarassed by your older Mardek games, because honestly they're easily the greatest flash RPGs of all time. The comedy is well done and the development is really good. Like others are discussing, it'd be unhealthy for you to constantly scrap projects seeking some sort of pseudo-perfection (ba dum tsh). The Mardek games are reeeaaallllyyy good and you should give yourself credit for them. In conclusion, I love your work, and can't wait to see more.
 Posted by Tanner  March 19, 2015 at 9:26 amFrom 69.72.7.x  Report Abuse 
A total overhaul? I dunno man, isn't that basically sort of impossible? You've already published 3 chapters. The MARDEK games are simply too well-established for an overhaul at this point.

Yeah, you could've overhauled after Chapter 1, or 2 at the latest, but after playing through all 3, there's simply too much development and story ac ulated to throw out.

Changing Mardek's gender? I personally don't care what gender any of the characters are, it's their personalities that make the game what it is. But again, after 3 chapters, it's simply too late to overhaul.

I understand that this is something you feel you need to do, but MARDEK 4 simply will not fit in the universe of the other 3.

Here's a brilliant idea. Have this new game be set in a diary or journal of one of the female characters-Emela, Gloria, Elwyen, maybe Sharla? Like the first bit of M. 1 that was just Mardek and Deugan playing as kids? Do something like that again w/ the game being someone writing in their diary/journal. That would allow you to include these changes to the battle system without destroying continuity. It could be "Mardek 3.5!" as a stop-gap game between the real, in continuity 4. Maybe something like "The MARDEK Diaries?" Or...something?

I love your art style, and I hope you understand the need for continuity in games like this. Please, I wish you the best of luck, but I hope you won't ruin MARDEK's continuity with this new game.
 Posted by Ruin Sentinel  February 9, 2015 at 6:46 amFrom 90.195.111.x  Report Abuse 
Maybe mardek could be the antagonist in this new chapter? and some new person to be the protagonist.
 Posted by Thauma  January 18, 2015 at 6:37 amFrom 64.83.182.x  Report Abuse 
I wish I could say im open and supportive of the new changes. I really have taken an interest in both the series, as well as a bit of your life through your fighunter entries. Its your series, you should do what you like, and thats all that matters. But it does feel like retconning a bunch of characters and a plot that resonate as fond memories, and partly in how I think of the real world. I'll meet a person and think that they have a bit of a "Mardek" vibe to them, which, figuring that everyone reading this is a fan, will know exactly what I mean by that. And thats really cool (And also really lame sounding) coming from just some flash games I've played years and years ago.

I know you've "Outgrown" some of the earlier themes. And I think thats evident. Playing 1 and then playing 3, you can tell, your art is different, humors different, writings different, even what you see in your characters is different, and this seems to play out weather or not its a conscious effort. I think thats cool, these games take years to play through simply because of how they're released, so both the player and the developer "Grows up" with them. Its like Harry Potter, the starting ones have that kind of "Well this was funny when I was younger!" vibe to them, and the later ones develop, theres still that younger past in them, they're just past that now.

But, I believe in you regardless I suppose. And if I had to give one word of advice, please, please don't do that character style where every character looks like they have a cold in their nose. It just reminds me of bad tumblr drawings. And thats bad.
 Posted by A fan  November 26, 2014 at 1:19 amFrom 173.218.96.x  Report Abuse 
I've spent hundreds of hours on the previous Mardek games, across multiple full playthroughs over the years. I can say without hesitation that, in my opinion, it's the best series of flash RPGs that exist; to give a bit of perspective using some big names, Sonny is close behind and Epic Battle Fantasy is somewhat middling in comparison.

Because of that high opinion, I'm both somewhat dismayed by your statement that continuing the original would be "soul-crushing", and somewhat excited to see what the creator of such fine games would consider even better.

If nothing else, I've enjoyed all your work (even the unfinished Beast Signer and Deliverance! so I very much doubt I'll dislike it, but I do hope you don't lose the feel of the original in your redesign; a completely different type of game just with a similar setting.
 Posted by readmycommentpleasse  November 15, 2014 at 4:22 amFrom 177.67.4.x  Report Abuse 
hum, i dont know what are you planning for the next mardek, cause i miss your oppinions, but by the comments i see you is planning to remake the entire serie, pleasse dont do this, mardek 3 as the best 2d/rpg game i ever played, i played that for 87 hours, i dont want to see the game i expent so many time playing being destroyed
 Posted by Proteus  November 14, 2014 at 12:55 pmFrom 104.160.52.x  Report Abuse 
Saying this as a huge fan of the Mardek series, I personally disagree with you rebooting the entire series and making changes to some of the characters. After having played through the series so many times, I have really grown attached to everything about the game.

However, as I am a huge fan of the series, I will say that I am still eager to give it a try. I think you are an extremely talented and creative developer, and hold a lot of respect for you, so I am interested in your take on this.

I just have one question; with the release of the new Mardek series, are the old Mardek games still going to be around? I very much hope that they are as I would like to do one more playthrough, so if anybody could give me information on this, it would be greatly appreciated.
     Posted by Adahn in reply to Proteus  November 15, 2014 at 7:26 pmFrom 46.198.95.x  Report Abuse 
    The older games are online on sites like kongregate for ages now and they have been very well received. I don't see any reason they would be removed unless pseudolonewolf went out of his way to do so. And I can't see that happening since he's been respectful of the old games, calling the new one mardek IV in his blog therefore acknowledging the other 3's existence. Also since he's thinking of the new ones as episodes instead of chapters there wouldn't be a naming problem either.

    And if we wanted to get more pragmatic, as I said the first 3 games have been very well popular and widely spread. It would be hard to delete something like that completely from the internet even if you tried, so it's next to certain that you would be able to find the old games somewhere.
       Posted by Proteus in reply to Adahn  November 16, 2014 at 1:12 amFrom 104.160.52.x  Report Abuse 
      That's quite reassuring to hear. I just wasn't really sure what he was planning to do with them after rebooting the whole series. It's good to know they will very likely be around.
 Posted by Adahn  November 7, 2014 at 9:50 pmFrom 78.87.31.x  Report Abuse 
As a person who's dedicated many, many hours in the first 3 chapters, replaying the first two in order to get every chest etc. I will be a bit disappointed to see it go obsolete.

Since I did love the story (and the gameplay which reminded me of ff games) so I would be willing to give a reboot a chance. That being said, I'd like to beg you not to go the idiot Mardek route. While generic, Mardek was popular because he was relatable with a moral compass not unlike most people, and with decisions most could understand. By turning him into a confident, unthinking jock type, it would ruin his relatability just for the ability to break the fourth wall more easily and make some trope jokes. And what makes it even more frustrating is that there would be Deugan next to him, having a brain, which would make, me at least, keep wishing he was the main hero instead. I don't really mind if Mardek gets turned into a girl or whatever, but please keep the relatability intact.

As for the gameplay I would prefer the longer games, as it would give the chance to offer more foreshadowing to dedicated players (like the dreamstones in chapter 3) and endgame optional bosses (again, I do like the homage to ff games) but I could settle for the episodic stories if it's something that you'll enjoy making more. I'm also a bit wary of the lack of hp and the introduction of fatigue and composure. While they might be driving forces for you, I'm not sure how they translate into a fantasy setting and how much sense it would make trying to beat Moric's undead army by attacking their composure. And since you mentioned that physical attacks = fatigue and magical = composure, it does make me worry about how physical attackers may be unable to do well if they happen to be the only ones alive, although I guess this is addressed in some way.

All in all I am a bit worried about the changes (especially the idiot Mardek thing), but I'm also curious and I'd like to give the game a try.
 Posted by NaN  October 31, 2014 at 1:03 amFrom 152.23.180.x  Report Abuse 
Yay, More Mardek! I, personally, am very excited; these remakes sound awesome, but please don't take down the originals 'cause I want to finally beat them all one week when I have nothing overwhelmingly important for school so that I may devote every waking hour to those games. And the new ones if they come out so serendipitously.
 Posted by Excitement!  October 19, 2014 at 11:21 amFrom 24.211.236.x  Report Abuse 
I'm excited! I loved Mardek mostly because of its writing, and I've been worried that Chapter 3 was so big and overwhelming that it would be very hard to continue (with 50,000 skills mastered or somesuch).

I'm excited to see you come back to the story with a more manageable system and some revisions that match you better now.

I'm also pretty happy to see you excited.
 Posted by Shannon  October 19, 2014 at 10:47 amFrom 76.104.152.x  Report Abuse 
I have to post my support for Muskar as well. There's a very real risk that you'll get stuck in a loop of sorts where you're perpetually editing your old work in search of an unattainable perfection. I think that part of growing as an artist is learning to accept your works for their flaws and moving on, rather than fixating on the past.

If the setting and story of the Mardek series doesn't resonate with you anymore, there's no need to return to it! I've enjoyed your games ever since Chapter 0, but I know that It wasn't the characters, or the setting, or the concept, or the style that made it great. It was the fact that there was a talented person behind it all guiding all of the decisions about what happened in the game. If you want to move to a new world, a new story, new characters, I would strongly recommend that you separate it from the Mardek series and create something totally new. It'll still be a pseudolonewolf game, so I'm sure it'll still be great.
 Posted by James  October 19, 2014 at 9:08 amFrom 80.111.126.x  Report Abuse 
Hey man, I don't know if you read these or if you will get through them all or w/e, but in case you do read this particular comment: I strongly agree with Muskar.

I think that whatever doubts you have about your past creations should be used constructively for newer chapters rather than a total rehash, that's what progress is. There may well be aspects of your art that you see flaws in, but as an external spectator I can tell you this, I would never have heard of Pseudolonewolf, bothered to remember that name, or found out about and all of your other creations. I definitely would not have spent over 100 hours playing and replaying the MARDEK series, and I wouldn't have wondered if Mardek would find his father, fix that spaceship in the Sandflow Caves and discover other parts of the galaxy, and also what would Mardek do now with all the elemental crystals or if there were any lasting consequences of removing them.

I know that MARDEK 3 turned you completely off doing large chapters since it took so much time and effort to make and bug test etc. but please try to remember that (from what I can gather) the MARDEK series has gathered a large chunk of your fanbase. If you feel unrewarded for the work you put into the previous versions then set up a paypal donation thingy : I'd be happy to donate, and I'm sure others would too.

Anyway, that is enough from me. It is ultimately your decision what to do.
 Posted by Muskar  October 18, 2014 at 7:01 amFrom 90.185.106.x  Report Abuse 
Firstly I should say that I haven't read up on all your thoughts about this. From what I understood, you're thinking about making a total remake of the MARDEK series?
I think that's a crazy idea. I don't mind change, and I think it's important that the developer(s) enjoy themselves creating the game, and is proud of their result. But if you're planning on remaking the other games, I think that's madness. Those are highly beloved games which you spent crazy effort and hours on. These polls will not get accurate details of our collective impressions either.

If you want to make a similar game where the main characters are female, then make it a different game series. I also don't get your intense needs for a female audience, but I've always thought it was a byproduct from your stubborn lone-wolf-ness. But of course that's none of my business. My point is that I'm afraid it hurts your decisions. Especially if you plan destroying such a big game as Mardek 3, in spite of the flaws it might have.

With all this said, I've always admired your artistic skills. I think you're a very skilled kid, and I loved playing the Mardek series. I was in awe when I heard Mardek 3 was produced by a single guy. Not many people would be able to do that alone. And if you're feeling trouble with self-confidence, I think that point should be drilled through.

Best wishes, I look forward to seeing what you'll do. Take care.
 Posted by Corwin  October 17, 2014 at 6:49 amFrom 74.214.63.x  Report Abuse 
I'm interested in your new version. I'm not so excited about what you did to Mardek (the character), but as you said, he was never really that big. I'm really excited to see what you do with Deugan. I think he would make a great main character or protagonist.

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