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 Posted by Adegboyega Dorcas  1 minute ago.  
I am Dorcas with a Physical Challenge, I am also a Person of Little Status. I v am presently a Teacher in a Private Primary School. I strongly support the Inclusion Education for Children Living with Disability in Nigeria and also PWD'S and their parents should also be aware that in the challenges of their children, there is an ability.

I was a victim of ignorance throughout my children ages till I grew up and I had my First Degree. Imagine, I am just aware about the IInclusion of Education and the likes for PWD'S between last two months and immediately I joint myself with Organizations (e g. Project Enable Africa) and Clusters who are really taken good care of PWD's, my life never remain the same.

So, on this reason that I was not aware iabout Inclusion right from time, it affects me all rounds, in education, marital aspects, emotion, psychologically, I mean all rounds. So, I will like to have a Foundation where Children Living with Disability can be included for education and also be aware of themselves that they are 'LIMITLESS'.

I will need a financial assistance also before this my vision can be fully accomplished. I will be glad if an Organization Supporting PWD'S can encourage me within the area of this my vision for PWD's in my locality.

Tank you and stay blessed.
Contact: 08137492507

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